MacOS9 on an Intel Macon

Who said you can’t use MacOS9 because you have an Intel Mac? It is completely possible with a little bit of tinkering, and a really cool universal application called Sheep Shaver, which came to us via tip from Kazaki. Sheep Shaver is a full speed ‘Classic’ emulator for Windows, Linux, and Intel based Macs, that runs older MacOS’s at shockingly full speed! For the purposes of this tutorial, we will only illustrate how to run the classic environment on Intel Macs, but you can do this procedure on other OS’es as well. So lets teach your fancy Mactel a new, old trick. * Download a copy of the universal binary Sheep Shaver and unzip it to a folder on your Mac. * For the application to emulate the MacOS, you need a ROM for this program to act like a Mac. Thankfully Apple has helped us with this task. On their website they kinda make one available to download. The catch is that you need MacOS 9 to access the ROM, however with a little searching I found a ROM available to download, and fully compatible with Sheep Shaver here. (However if you want to extract your own ROM from the one on Apples server, you need to use TomeViewer) * After you download the ROM, copy the file into the Sheep Shaver folder * Open the Sheep Shaver GUI Application * Click on the Memory/Misc tab, and click browse next to the ROM file field, and locate the MacOS ROM file that you stored in the Sheep Haver folder * Also bump the MacOS RAM Size to at least 128MB * The next step is to create a MacOS 9 volume to store your files. Click on the Volumes tab, and click Create. * Save the new virtual volume to your Sheep Shaver folder, and I would suggest you make the image size at least 200 MB * Once that is finished put your MacOS 8 or MacOS 9 CD in your Intel Mac and press the Start button. (If you don’t have an old MacOS disc floating around, Apple has an archive of full vintage operating systems available to download) * Sheep Shaver will now launch the Universal version of Sheep Shaver and you can begin to install your OS * You only need to run Sheep Shaver GUI once to setup your virtual machine, after that setup you can just simply launch Sheep Shaver I noticed the speed on this emulator is REALLY fast, and creates a viable operating environment for any of your really old classic applications, also the emulator has access to your MacOS X drive so the exchange of files are really easy. However, sometimes Sheep Shaver required a forced quit to turn off, milage may vary. Enjoy, and drop a comment to let us know if you have any questions. The ROM downloads linked in this hint are all provided by Apple, and not hosted on this blog. Update: We ammended the title of the article.


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