gouvernance mondial de la science

Global Governance of Science
Contenu :

Report of the Expert Group on Global Governance of Science to the Science, Economy and Society Directorate, Directorate-General for Research, European Commission. This report is the product of an expert group acting under a mandate from the European Commission Directorate General for Research to which legal scholars, sociologists, philosophers and political scientists from Europe, the United States of America, China and South-Africa have contributed. This report seeks to advance a vision of global governance for the common good that invokes European principles of good governance and fundamental rights. It is our belief that the European Union as a political entity situated between the national and global levels, with its principles of good governance, its charter of fundamental rights and commitments to a European Research Area, is ideally placed to encourage critical reflection and undertake practical leadership in relation to the global governance of science and innovation. Our recommendations are addressed not only to policymakers in the European Commission and the Member States of the EU, but equally to those organisations worldwide operating within and around science.

Type de document : Rapport
Auteur(s) : Žaneta Ozoliņa ; Carl Mitcham ; Jack Stilgoe Courriel de l’auteur :
Institution : Commission
Pays : Non renseigné Langue : FR
Références du document :
KI-NA-23616-EN-C ; ISBN 978-92-79-07972-6 ; DOI 10.2777/31776 ; EUR 23616
Nombre de pages : 48
Mots clés : science ; gouvernance ; communication ; société ; éthique ; contexte social

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